Technical Information

Cold cathode is a unique form of highly reliable efficient interior lighting enabling flexible design to be achieved for architectural requirements.

Cold cathode illumination tubes are low voltage fluorescent lamps, with diameters ranging from 15mm to 26mm. Formed into lengths 700mm to 2 metres to suit highly detailed configurations eg. Curves, angles or contours.

Tubes can be positioned to provide direct or indirect lighting to ceilings, pelmets, counters, escalators, to give halo illumination or direct illumination.

Ideal locations are high ceiling reception areas, hotels, conference and meeting rooms, shops and offices and all situations as a direct alternative to conventional fluorescent lamps. Extra advantages are customised design and size detail, extreme reliability, long life and controllability; cold cathode installations can be dimmed selectively, regardless of size and complexity.

Cold cathode is available in a variety of colours (i.e. colour temperatures ranging from cold to warm white) and colours from canary yellow through orange to pink, green, blue and purple, in various shades of colour.  Check the colour chart to see the full range.

Various types of low voltage transformers are available – traditional copper wound electromagnetic types for remote use up to 40 metres away, and high frequency invertors for close up internal installations. Both types of transformer are fully dimmable.

For further technical information please read the product specification sheets.

1. Low Voltage 100ma - 3000.doc

2. Low Voltage 175ma - 3000.doc

Cold Cathode Colour Chart



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